What Is Power Throttling? How To Enable & Improve Battery Life?

Start from low power save and see if any network issues arise or not and then move to maximum power-saving mode. If you are not using the internet at all, you should put it on Maximum Power Saving mode. It doesn’t matter which plan you choose here as all have the same options that you will customize anyway. However, you should pick the power plan name that best suits your intentions for clarity reasons, like whether you want to tweak for better performance or to save power. This will open the Power & sleep page; click on the Additional power settings link in the right panel. However, I personally never let Windows decide which power profile I want, and I fully customize the power options every time I reset or reinstall Windows.

  • The REG file format was designed for exporting and importing portions of the Windows registry using a INI-based syntax.
  • The processor requirement is the most restrictive; supported processors include 8th-generation and newer Intel Core processors as well as AMD Ryzen 2000-series processors and newer.
  • Recover the deleted DLL file with a free file recovery program.

Security updates are a widely released fix for a product-specific, security-related vulnerability. Thankfully, Microsoft has made updating your PC or laptop pretty easy, but you can follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you’ve properly updated your system. Choose whether you want to download updates over metered connections (e.g. mobile data where usage is capped). Allow trusted users to install updates on the machine. However, be careful not to provide children with administrator privileges. Select Change settings on the left-hand sidebar in the Windows Update section and you’ll see the option to schedule automatic updates.

How to launch Registry Editor

File viewers and user interface extensions store their OLE class identifiers in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and in-process servers are registered in this key. HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG is another mirror of a sub-branch of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. In this case, it contains the current hardware configuration of the computer. Windows supports hardware profiles which allow you to enable or disable the drivers for different hardware devices according to whether they are present SEIKO EPSON dll files. Another characteristic that the Registry has in common with databases is that it is not editable using a text editor. It is a binary file and can only be read and modified using programs designed specifically to do so.

where windows registry is stored

If your CPU throttling is due to a weak VRM, you will not be able to do much. When VRM throttling happens, it means that your VRMs are not strong enough to supply enough power to your CPU or that the VRM heatsinks don’t work properly. Thermal throttling, on the other hand, is bad and is a sign of a problem with your system.

Fix #02: Make sure Windows update is working

This can take some time, as around 4 GB of data will be downloaded. Microsoft also provides a media creation tool to easily create a bootable USB stick that can be used to install Windows 11.

Windows Registry Hacks to Improve Your Gaming Performance

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